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Conversion of units of glucose plasmatic level

Plasmatic level of sugar (glucose) is the main criterion in diagnostics and follow up of diabetes mellitus. In the Czech Republic, units mmol/l (milimol per litre) are used. Normal plasmatic level of sugar (glucose) in a healthy person varies between 4 and 6 mmol/l. However, you may meet other units abroad. These are mg/dl (milligram per decilitre). Normal plasmatic level of sugar (glucose) in a healthy person then varies between 72 and 108 mg/dl. You can meet such units if you need medical assistance during your holiday abroad, or in some imported glucometers. Therefore it is good to know relationships between these units.

Formula for calculation of mg/dl from mmol/l: mg/dl = 18 × mmol/l

Formula for calculation of mmol/l from mg/dl: mmol/l = mg/dl / 18

For instance, if plasmatic level of glucose is 5 mmol/l, recalculation to mg/dl is done as follows:

18 × 5 mmol/dl = 90 mg/dl

Online conversion

mmol/l   mg/dl
10 mmol/l = 180 mg/dl

Limit values of plasmatic glucose levels

time value
before breakfast 3,9 - 5,9 mmol/l
before lunch 3,9 - 6,1 mmol/l
hour after meal less than 8,9 mmol/l
two hours after meal less than 6,7 mmol/l
between 2 am and 4 am more than 3,9 mmol/l